User Stories

Having real fun with this app. Just searched Al Greens birthday - 13th April 1946. When he turned 30 the number 1 in the UK was "save all your kisses for me" which goes lovely with his biggest hit "Let's Stay Together". Having a fab time with this brilliant app!!

Victoria Beckham was 40 on the 17th April this year. David should use the app to create her special playlist. Hope it doesn't contain Geri Halliwell tunes - could be awkward!

I bought my friends number 1 songs for her 21st Birthday and asked the DJ to play them at her party, it was fantastic and she loved it!

“This saves so much time and effort by having everything in one place. Brilliant idea!”

Played with this app in the pub with my mates. Really funny to see what song was number 1 in the day each of us was born. Kicked off some great musical debates.....

Would love to be able to use this for other special occasions!

Jeremy Clarkson (11th April 1960) number 1 on the day he was born "My Old Man's a Dustman." Luckily for him then that his mum did the illustrations for Paddington Bear. This app is fab for unearthing truly trivial facts.....

All sat around the table last night usingthe Birthday Jukebox app to guess what was number 1 on their birthdays..... Great Fun :-)

This app hits the bullseye of such an emotional target that is really unique. Must have taken ages to build and is so easy to use. So many fun playlists created...

"I sent an iTunes gift certificate from the iTunes store along with a link to the app to my brother so he could create the music for our sister’s dinner party. Magic!"

“Love the Tell a friend feature that allows you to spread the word…..”

"This app is great because it does something no other app does and saves literally hours adn hours of time. The playlist is compiled adn downloaded really quickly - well done guys!"

Love the fact that it is so easy to use, can't believe no one has done this before!

“I sent my friend her number 1 birthday song for her 18th via Facebook and it only cost me 99p. She got all emotional…”

It's great to be reminded of so many wonderful old songs. I have downloaded loads that have come up when searching my family's birthdays. Definately improved my digital collection and I can use them to say Happy Birthday! 

"The app is amazing. I didn't know it was possible through an app to do this!"

Just checked what was number 1 when Jose Mourhinio was born (26th Jan 1963). It was "Dance On" by the Shadows. Quite apt after his recent jig down the touchline.!!!! This app is such great fun, gonna check out now!

For my wifes birthday I gave her the surprise of playing the number 1's from that date, she loved it!

"I love this app! It's so easy to navigate, well done to the creators!"