Can I use the Birthday Jukebox App if I don’t have an internet connection?

Yes you can, as all the information is stored locally within the App. If you are on a train or a plane or somewhere without an internet coverage, you can still create your playlist. You are then able to complete the process and purchase the songs once your 3G or internet connection has been restored.

I have made a purchase and want my money back, is this possible?

No, Birthday Jukebox has a no refund policy.

Can I tell my friends about this App?

Absolutely, we have gone to great efforts to ensure that the ability to Tell A Friend is an integral part of the App. Simply press the button called Tell A Friend and choose either Social Media, Text or Email as your message type and away you go.

Is the App difficult to use?

No, We have made the customer journey very simple with as few screens as possible to get the job done and allow you to download your number 1 songs with the minimum of ease.

Can I use this App in other Countries?

Yes, providing you are buying UK songs using your UK account and your registered payment details. We are launching in the UK and the US first, with additional countries following soon, which will include both English and non-English speaking countries.

Can I get this app in Android or on other non-Apple platforms?

Not yet. We are launching with Apple iOS initially and will be launching on other platforms very soon.